The Mummy Summit​ is a premier conference that works to empower, connect and serve Millennial mothers in Nigeria. The one day digital conference will feature interactive panels covering topics affecting mothers in today’s current Covid climate. The conference’s topics range from Working From Home, to Finances, Online Education and Wellness, all with the goal of exploring the lives and needs of the African Millennial mother.

The Mummy Summit takes a positive approach to educating mothers in order to equip them for a year filled with decision making, financial planning, and child raising. The conference is geared towards social media savvy mothers, and will gather for the first time ever, the growing number of Nigerian mummy influencers, mum entrepreneurs, celebrity mothers and mummy bloggers.

For the first time ever in Nigeria, millennial mothers will have the opportunity to discuss, share and learn about how best to navigate motherhood in this Digital Era.

The conference will feature:


Various vendors with products and services geared towards Mothers and Children


Business growth masterclasses for enterprising Mothers


Talks on financial planning and management for Mothers


Free products and services (raffles, giveaways and self-care centers)