Doors Open9:00
Welcome Address10:30-10:40
Mummy and Finance:
Because 2020 is about getting to the Money -A Cheat Sheet from Industry Insiders on getting the bag to chase you for once.
11:00-11:40Moderator: Ife Amajor
Panelists: Arese Ugwu, Seun Runsewe, bank rep,
Beauty Master Class12:00-12:40
Lunch & Exhibitors13:30-14:30
Mummy & Wellness:
You can’t pour from an empty cup, Sis -Navigating the important roles that nutrition and exercise, great sex, and self-care play in our day to day lives.
14:30-15:10Moderator: Ngee Nkwoji
Panelists: Olori Coitus, Bunmi George, Joycee Awosika,
CPR and First Aid Demo15:30-15:50
Mummy and Work:
Finding a balance without losing yourself [and your mind] along the way -A discussion on the myth of ‘having it all’, time management, and dealing with mum guilt when you forget to buy cupcakes for the class party again
16:00-16:40Moderator: Temi Akinsanya
Panelists: Gozy Ijogun, Anita Okoye, Bethel Nwaneri, Powede Lawrence